Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 1 & 2

I really love this book. In my opinion, it is THE BEST BOOK IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, NO UNIVERSE!!! I really think everybody should read this book, because everybody should know girls are great. The stories are about girls that have done amazing things. There is a one-page story with a picture beside it, and a spare at the end for your own story and portrait. There is also a new one out, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2, with even more stories about J.K Rowling, Beyonce and many more.

Review by Brynne Aged 10.

Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson

A normal girl age 10 her parents died and now she lives in a boarding school (bad luck huh anyway...) she moved to Brazil and ended up living with twins she makes friends with two other kids in a similar situation, but don't worry they come up with a plan. This is a great read.

Reviw by: Anika Aged 9 


I like Cosentino because it has pictures. There is a Grand Illusionist and a evil king he can mind control evil people. I recommend this book to a comic reader. 

Review by Tim. Aged 9  

The Island of Lost Horses - By Stacy Gregg

I like Stacy Gregg's books because all of them have horses and different stories that connect. In one story a girl had moved to the middle of the ocean. Her mum studies jellyfish but her daughter wants to live with her dad. She goes exploring in the forest on an island, she finds wild horses and falls in love. Then her mum finds out a secret about the wild horse she forbids her from seeing her new friend and the wild horse. In the other story a princesses best friend doesn't help her when a man goes out to find new land and he takes a few horses from the stables and they take her horse that can't trust anyone except her. They need to rescue the horses. I really enjoyed reading that book.

Review by: Ciara Aged 10.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Raina Telgemeier


The Best author in the universe! I think that everyone should read this authors books because they are so interesting and funny. Also the Baby-Sitters Club by the same author are funny and it has a lot of drama.

Review by Susie Aged 10

There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom - Louis Sachar

There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom. By Louis Sachar.

Bradley Chalkers is a bad graded boy. He has problems like no friends. He has glass animals, his favourite is Ronnie. He has a dad who was shot in the leg. He has a sisiter called Claudia and he has a mom too. It is a really GOOD book!!!!!!

Review by S.T. Aged 9

Aru Shah and The End of Time - Roshani Chokshi

This book is worthy of Rick Riordan, in fact, he presented this book! Roshani Chokshi has mastered weaving with complex strings of Indian...